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Specialist autocue and teleprompter hire company with over 20 years experience

Autocuehire is a UK based specialist autocue and teleprompter hire company, providing prompting services for any kind of speech, every type of production.

Presenting on screen, talking directly to camera or on stage, addressing an audience for a live presentation has never been easier. A tele-prompter from Autocuehire will help you save time and give you, the speaker, the assurance you need to engage your audience each time, every time.

What We Do

What we do

We offer a complete autocue hire service with the latest prompting equipment and the support of an experienced operator.

Who We Help

Who We help

We provide bespoke teleprompting rental services for producers of TV, film, outside broadcasts, corporate presentations, concerts and audience events.

Who We Are

Where We Are

Ideally situated in west London, we provide autocue teleprompter hire throughout the UK and are equally happy to take a plane to your location.