Autocue, teleprompting for Gala Dinners

At Autocuehire, we specialise in providing autocue, teleprompting for Gala Dinners. We provide a custom service using the best professional teleprompting equipment and software.

A Gala Dinner is a celebration, and it’s important that your presenters are confident and relaxed, and also enjoy the evening. Using an autocue means that they will be able to deliver their speech in a calm, self-assured way. We will discuss exactly what you need to help make the presentation perfect. You tell us where and when your Gala Dinner is taking place, provide us with your script, and we will take care of everything else.

  • We offer a full autocue, teleprompter hire service for Gala Dinners.
  • This includes all of the equipment and one of our experienced, professional operators.

How We Help:

Our operator brings all of the kit to your location.

Sets everything up.

Inputs your script and runs the autocue for your rehearsals and show.

Our operator will be happy to make as many script changes as you need throughout the rehearsal, so that it is perfect for your live presentation.

After the show has finished, our operator packs up the kit and takes it off site.

You don’t have to worry about a thing!

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We can help at your gala dinner

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The traditional prompting set up for Gala Dinners uses our Executive Prompting system, also known as ‘Presidential Prompters’ or ‘Conference glasses’. The set up uses two glass stands and teleprompter monitors, positioned in front of a lectern. The script is reflected on to the prompting glass from the monitor below and can be seen by the presenter but not the audience. The presenter reads from the 2 teleprompter glasses, giving the impression that they are looking around the audience. The conference glasses can also be used singularly if preferred.

The height of the glass stands and the angle of the prompting glass are fully adjustable to match the eye-line of the presenter.

As an option, we also offer a motorized version of the stands that can be remotely raised and lowered by our operator during the show. These are perfect if you have more than one presenter of greatly differing heights.

All of our prompting monitors are high bright monitors, which means they can be seen even under bright show lighting

We can also provide straight reading monitors, or we can display the autocue words on in-house monitors. Whatever your requirement, we are very happy to help.