Teleprompting rental for auctions from Autocuehire

At Autocuehire we provide Autocue teleprompting equipment for all kinds of productions.

More and more, auctions are being watched on line. That’s where we can help. Using our teleprompting equipment at an auction is a valuable tool for the auctioneer.

What we do

Our executive prompting set up can be used to display any computer content onto the autocue screens. This content is then flipped and projected onto the glass stands.

It is used very successfully at auctions, displaying the live internet bidding directly in front of the auctioneer, allowing them to see room and internet bids at the same time, speeding up the whole bidding process.

The glass stands and monitors are positioned in front of the auctioneer’s lectern and are discreetly shielded from the audience by black monitor shrouds.

The height of the stands and the angle of the prompting glass are fully adjustable to match the eye-line of the auctioneer.

All of the equipment is brought to your location by our technician, who sets everything up for you, makes sure it is all working correctly with your web sites, and then remains onsite to assist. You can have one, two, three, plus,  autocue glasses… however many you need, each showing and individual internet site that is streaming your auction.

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