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Here are our most frequently asked questions. We're always happy to have a chat about your specific event or filming requirements. Please contact us to discuss...

+44 (0) 208 712 0278

How does an autocue / teleprompter work?

Our Teleprompters use Beamsplitter glass to reflect the image from a Super bright monitor rigged above it. The reflected image will be highly visible to the person reading from the Autocue but from the audience or camera perspective its a transparent piece of glass.

This technology allows presenters to deliver speeches in a professional and engaging manner without having to worry about fumbling with cards or worrying about forgetting their lines, they can soley focus on giving a great performance.

How do I know which prompter I need?

The best thing to do is call our office +44 (0) 208 712 0278 or send an email to

You don't need to know exactly what you want, we'll just ask you a few questions about your job to home in on what solution would be best for the situation.

Can  you work with scripts that aren't in English?

Absolutely! Our software has a huge array of languages built into it and our operators can follow most roman alphabet based languages, however for languages such as japanese it would be a good idea to have a native speaker on set to make any changes and provide guidance to the operator.

How easy is it to make  changes to the script?

It's really simple for our operators to make on the fly edits to the script. From adding lines, changing names to phonetic spelling, its nothing our operators haven't done before.

Can the prompter only show text?

Our prompters whilst most commonly will show text, we use them to show many other things. For example if your presenter wants to use their slides rather than a script we can show powerpoint. Or maybe our active Interrotron is better suited? The presenter can speak directly down the camera and see the face of the person questioning them giving that real interview feel.

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