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At Autocuehire we have decades of experience in both live and pre-recorded television shows. Using an autocue teleprompter means your presenter will deliver the script accurately first time, every time. It helps them to do their job effectively and, importantly, reduces the number of takes saving time in the edit.

What we offer? 

  • State-of-the-art teleprompting equipment

  • Experienced autocue operator

  • Delivery  and set up of all equipment

  • Script input and changes

  • Running of the autocue for rehearsels and show

  • Kit pack up and removal

(+44) 07554 422 983


Our set up

Our autocue systems fit directly onto your camera using robust brackets. They can also be mounted independently off camera on our own tripods (which we provide as standard). This method is useful for interviews or when actors need to speak to each other with a little help.

We have a variety of autocue sizes to suit any set up. We can mount onto jibs, peds, cranes and tracks. Cue lights and batteries can also be provided depending on your requirements.

We use Ultra bright monitors, ideal for reading at a distance or in bright studio lighting. They can be mains powered, run on batteries or even take power directly from the camera.

Our smaller teleprompter units are perfect if you want to go handheld with the camera or use a steadicam, the small monitor can also be mounted directly above the lens of the camera using a magic arm, ideal when weight is a concern.

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